Day 2: Bangalore Nightlife pt II

Techo/ Euro House generally isn't my thing, but considering the lack of options that don't involve possible cases of Delhi belly or getting ripped off by an autorickshaw again, when I saw that Ministry of Sound was throwing a shindig, I decided to freshen up and head on over to see if their brand of clubbing could save my mind and soul from the onset of Cabin Fever.

Arrived at event located at the ultraposh Vivanta @ the Taj...out in middle of new construction and a shining gem in the wilds of India...yet somehow felt strangley like WMC Miami at any one of the numerous poolside affairs that line Ocean Ave every spring or at The Standard in LA.

While there's apparently a "dancing ban" handed down to the people of Bangalore, that doesn't seem to stop the Desi youth from shaking their asses to 4 on the floor beats and throbbing bass.

By the way, that "dancing ban"- it has an AWESOME loophole....the Morality Police in their infinite wisdom stated that dancing is only banned when you have a drink in your hand. So shake it like a saltshaker- just put the drink down before you do. You might shudder at the thought of a Mexican prison- just imagine that times a bajillion and you might come close to what the local Bangalorean jail looks like.

All in all, there is something that cannot be contained, repressed or walled off from what the exuberance and vitality of youth comes with. And those in power that seek to do so are basically condensing things into a powderkeg that have no other choice but to explode- whether it be thru music, dancing, art, sex, drugs or revolution- the inherent truth is what it is: You tell us not to do something, we're only going to want to do it more...so we "just say no" to repression, thanks anyway!

One refreshing note to mention...

I've been going to electronic events since the early nineties and I can honestly say that outside of places of worship, this was the most sober party that I've ever been witness to- and yet the kids were dancing their asses off, screaming, clapping, having a raucous time...full of Foster's (as I'm told, Australian for shite), Bacardi cocktails or some other booze, and a handful of nicotine, completely happy to dance until the 6pm closing bell!

On another note: I something that was total "India moment"....some guy from hotel up to front of stage where DJ Rae is playing and began to cut down the screen that was covering up much of the front of the tables...Rae grabs mic and screams "is this "Welcome to India" or what?" in her heavy London accent. Next thing you know, a whole crew of hotel staff are tearing it down, hammers and all...smacking it with their hands and trying to get it pulled down, all while Rae is mixing!

After her set, which had some GEMS from days gone by plus a handful of just DUTTY bizness, I decided to call it a night (since the event ended at 6:30p anyway) and head back to the hotel.

Word of warning: Again not thinking about it or knowing better, I opted to take a hotel car to/from event...BAD idea! The ride ended up costing me 3500rs plus tip. The plus was that I didn't have to flag a car or wait for a taxi, since the driver waited there at the event over 3+ hours for me, but $70 USD is ALOT out here and not really worth it. Opt for a taxi or an auto, you will save a ton.

Tomorrow: Visiting Yahoo! Bangalore offices to meet some of our engineers and open up some channels of communication between our teams.

Stay tuned!

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