Day 1: Bull Temple

OK, so I guess I should know by now, that anywhere that is labeled as a tourist attraction is usually JUST THAT- and Basavanagudi Nandi Temple or "Bull Temple" was no exception. No transcendental experiences, no God touching your mind's eye, just take your shoes off, ask the priest what's the big deal about this place, walk around it, pony up the cover charge as a tribute, and leave with a red dot on your forehead and no more enlightened than when you entered . Then to top it off, you get shook down by a little girl for "shoe watching fee" (couldn't tell if she was legit, but c'mon, how do I argue with a little girl...).

Speaking of legit- watch yourself with the tuk tuk (auto rickshaw) drivers. They're shady as hell. GREAT way to get around the city and see it all (granted, you get a lung full of exhaust, but hey, it's cheap and you see a ton), but make sure to ONLY TAKE TUKTUKS WITH METERS THAT WORK. I dropped 500 rupee in a days worth of outings learning the hard way...and tell them to piss off when they try to hustle you into stopping into places they recommend, it's all crap and overpriced.

Now with THAT out of the way, came the fucking cool parts of this adventure...

I walked back down the path a bit from the temple and there was a path leading up over a large boulder. I decided to check it out, and at the top of the boulder was a shrine of some sort, but then the path passes by and down into this amazing park/garden.

When I say amazing, seriously, us "developed nations" need to take a page from these guys on open space. Anything that this park lacks in size, it makes up for in lush plant life, shrines, giant fruit bats hanging from the tree tops and the nursery that workers keep the park up with.

NEXT STOP: Lalbagh Garden

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