Day 1: Arrival In Bangalore

Arrived in Bangalore from Dubai around approximately 3am. Airport was pretty dead, but what do you expect at 3am? (I guess population density isn't much of a factor when everything has to shut down at 11:30 every night.)

It had been raining all night before I arrived, but started tapering off as I was getting my bags. A bit disoriented from the 19 hour flight, I managed to find ground transport, only to find that the car that the hotel was supposed to send for me wasn't coming because they thought I was arriving Saturday.

So that on top of my room not being ready when I got to the hotel, left me feeling like they were definitely far from batting .1000, but they scrambled to get it ready and sent me tea and biscuits in the AM as a token apology.

After I woke up, it was pretty rough, my body thinking I'm still on SF time, so while it's noon here, my body is wondering why I am still up. But hey- some food, maybe a beer or 6 and I'll be top notch and ready to conquer this city...well, not in the British sense of the word, but you know...

Breakfast at the hotel, consisted of daal with slivers of red chilis, basmati rice with cashews and cilantro, tandoori fish, a South Indian variation of curry chicken and bottled water. Still buggin' out that bottled h20 is SUCH a necessity in this seemingly fairly modern South Indian city. Blows my mind even more that with a population density like they have here, that recycling wouldn't be pushed harder. No recycle symbols. No Re-Use, Re-New, Re-Cycle stickers anywhere. Nope, just "Crush bottle when finished" and it ends up in a bin or stinking pile on the side of the street. So much progress, so far to go...

After breakfast, I took a quick stroll around the hotel gardens, and the rest of the grounds, before shaking off some of the jet lag and heading to the nearest ATM to grab rupees for my day's adventure.

FIRST STOP: Bull Temple

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